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Signal Locker supply new Tasar dinghies as either bare hull assemblies or complete boats.

Pack 'A'  includes the hull, deck and thwart mouldings with primary fittings factory installed.  This basic boat is intended for Tasar sailors who want to transfer some or all of the equipment from their existing boat to a new hull.

Pack 'B'  includes all the other fittings and equipment required to make up a complete boat.  The main items are the mast, sails, daggerboard and rudder, but Pack 'B' also includes every shackle and line you need, as well as a cover and a trolley. 

When you order both Packs 'A' and 'B', we supply a complete boat, fitted-out and ready to race.
  • Tasar hulls are imported in batches  -  four hulls per batch.
  • Usually Tasar hulls are ordered in the autumn, built over the winter and delivered in the spring.  However, this year we have the opportunity to join in with the production run for Australia.  These boats will be built in March / April  2014 with delivery to European sailors in May 2014.
  • To secure one of this batch of hulls, orders must be placed before March 17th 2014.
  • Thereafter a Tasar dinghy purchased from stock will be the normal price of £10,930.
  • Our standard hull/deck colour is white hull with grey decks. Non-standard colours are available to order but may be subject to a surcharge.
  • A detailed specification and equipment list for Pack A and Pack B will be available after the Dinghy Show.
Next Delivery Dates:    March + May 2014

PACK A .........                    £   4,700
PACK A and B.......            £ 10,495
(Complete Tasar ready to race)

Payment terms for Pack A:-

   £ 1,500 with order
   £ 1,500 on factory dispatch
   £ 1,700 on delivery

Payment terms for Pack A and B:-
   £ 1,500 with order
   £ 3,500 on factory dispatch
   £ 5,495 on delivery


PACK A and B.......            £ 10,930
(Complete Tasar ready to race)


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