New Tasar hulls - £7,900 including VAT

New Tasar hulls ex stock based on a standard 'Measurement Boat' specification. This comprises of the basic hull and deck plus all the fittings that are included when a Tasar is weighed-in for a regatta.

The standard specification of the 'Measurement Boat' does not include the mast, spars, sails or foils.  However for six months following delivery, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on all of those things, and in fact any equipment in Signal Locker's catalogue that is bought for your new boat.

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Outline Specification…

The specification for our factory order is for the hull, deck and thwart assembly, plus fittings that are typically installed when the boats are in 'Measurement Trim’.  A complete list can be found on the offer download, but in outline…

  • Primary Hull Fittings:  forestay U-bolt, mast pin, hatches, gudgeons, thwart strut
  • RCB Shroud Tracks:  tracks, underbars, RCB cars, cleats, pull-back line and handle
  • Toestraps:  saddles, cleats, padded toestraps, adjuster lines and shock-cord tensioner
  • Jib Tracks:  tracks, cars, cleats
  • Traveller System – track, 3-pin channel top car, ratchet blocks, traveller line & cleats
  • Mainsheet Swivel and Block – swivel with mainsheet ratchet block only

Hull Specification…

The hull and deck assemblies imported this winter are built by XSP to the new specification, including the new centreboard case and thwart arrangement, revised deck laminate and the exclusion of the plastic Harken handholds.  These changes to the hull and deck mouldings were made two years ago, though this new batch will be the second of the new-style boats to be brought into the UK.  The changes fall into three categories:

1.  Some areas of the boat have been strengthened…

  • The side decks and cockpit sides have been strengthened and stiffened
  • The thwart has been reinforced

2.  Other changes have been made in order to maintain overall hull weight…

  • The foam thickness on topsides, forward and aft decks has been reduced from 8mm to 6mm
  • Wood backing pads have been replaced with GRP reinforcement

3.  The old daggerboard case has been replaced with a foil shaped box…

  • The block of crash foam behind the board is no longer required
  • The new box is able to accommodate a daggerboard with the same section as the 29er
  • However there has been no change to the daggerboard section or size, so we will still need some material around the box perimeter top and bottom to make the board slide as it should

Tasar Weight…

The new hull and deck assemblies are approximately 1.5kg heavier than the previous specification; the minimum weight of hulls leaving the XSP factory will now be 61kg.  There is, however, no change to the minimum weight of boats in measurement trim, which remains 68kg, allowing 6kg or 7kg for the weight of fit-out equipment.  The equipment selected to be on the standard Signal Locker Measurement Boat standard specification will typically weigh close to 6kg, however it is possible for the fit-out weight to be anywhere between 5.5kg and 9kg, depending on the exact equipment selected.

New Boat Order Process…

  • Contact us by phone or email:  +44 (0) 7970 132110
  • Equipment included with new boat hulls will normally be as per the 2021 specification.  However, an individual specification sheet, offer and order form will be prepared for each Owner prior to order acceptance.
  • Orders based on an agreed individual order form will be confirmed on receipt of first stage payment.
  • Price of new Taser to standard Signal Locker Measurement Boat specification:-  £7,900 including 20% VAT, with delivery Lymington UK.
  • For a period of 6 months following delivery, additional fit-out equipment (eg. mast, spars, sails, foils etc.) can be purchased for the boat at a discount of 10% from Signal Locker published prices.
  • Orders will be accepted on Standard BMF Terms of Business (Issue15a).
  • Payments will be accepted by bank transfer only.
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