Signal Locker Tasar Re-Habilitation Scheme...

We don’t know exactly how many Tasar dinghy hulls there are in Europe, but we think the number is about 925.  We believe about 275 of these are still actively sailed; which means that, even taking into account the likely demise of a number of  boats, there could be about 600 Tasars out of commission.

Over the course of a season we visit quite a number of sailing clubs, and it is certainly our experience that at least one old Tasar is likely to be lying at the back of the dinghy park, forgotten and neglected. Some will be beyond repair; but many will not be, and with some work and some new equipment could become excellent entry-level boats.  

In order to entice these veterans out of the undergrowth and onto the water, Signal Locker are offering the following ‘Boat Re-hab Scheme’.
If you find a ‘project’ boat and you decide to put it back in working order, it is likely that you will need to buy new sails, at
least one section of mast, new ropes, some new blocks, possibly some handholds, new seals for the self bailer, and a few cleats. You could reduce the cost of the re-habilitation by using Dacron sails and putting up with equipment that looks less than beautiful; however practically all of these boats will need new ropes and cover and toe-straps, so our offer is based on these 3 items and depends on the amount you spend with Signal Locker:-

- If you spend more than £500 we will give you a set of padded toe-straps

- If you spend more than £1,000 we will also give you a new rope pack: every piece of rope and cordage on the boat

- If you spend more than £1,500 we will also give you a new mast-up top cover

For your part, all we ask is that you are genuinely rehabilitating a boat that is out of commission, and that you send us a photo of the boat ‘before’ and ‘after’ for our gallery.

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