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A design classic from Frank Bethwaite and Ian Bruce, the Tasar is a thoroughbred family racing dinghy. Frank Bethwaite and Ian Bruce are responsible for many of the iconic racing dinghies and 'breakthrough designs' of the last 40 years. In the Tasar they have created a dinghy that combines efficiency with simplicity and performance.  The Tasar delivers controllable performance to club sailors and olympic helms alike; with fleets in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, Holland and the UK.

•   The Tasar attracts sailors from club level to Olympic medallists. Easy to sail - Rewarding to sail well.

•   The Tasar is light, fast, and simple. It provides upwind planing performance without trapeze or spinnaker.

•   The Tasar’s modern, efficient rig provides all the power you want and all the control you need.

•   At 68kg the Tasar is super-responsive to sail, light on a trolley and with its 2-part mast can be easily car-topped.

•   Frank Bethwaite designed the Tasar with husband/wife and parent/child crew combinations in mind.

•   With its deep cockpit and wide, angled side decks, the Tasar has a comfortable and effective hiking position.

•   The Tasar is a one-design class with a low entry-cost; hulls remain competitive for many years.

“Miles ahead of its time, clever, durable and an aerodynamic benchmark…”  Seahorse Magazine

“The combination of performance and simplicity is unmatched.”  Jonathan McKee - Olympic medallist, AC sailor, Tasar World Champion


Length overall 14 feet 10 inches (4.52 metres)
Waterline length 14 feet 0 inches (4.27 metres)
Beam 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 metres)
Weight Hull without spars, sails or foils: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Crew Two; min crew weight for racing is 130 kg
Mainsail 90 square feet (8.36 square metres)
Jib 33 square feet (3.07 square metres)
PN Number 1023
Construction GRP foam sandwich hull, aluminium spars
Designers Frank Bethwaite and Ian Bruce in 1976

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